1. Advertise your product to the target market who need and want it.

It sounds basic and simple but ensuring you are correctly placed in front of the right target market is essential to good lead conversion.

2. Response time is key!

Speed is the single most critical component to lead conversion. Research shows that those who respond to a lead within 1 minute have a 391% higher conversion rate than those that don’t. This fails to 36% conversion for those who respond within an hour.

Why is this?

Further research shows that even though a consumer may go price shopping they return to the first vendor who called/ answered them back out of a sense of loyalty.
3. Don’t waste time on {pointless} sales pitches.

Today’s consumers are more knowledgeable than ever; they have done their research before getting in touch. Launching into your sales pitch as soon as you answer the phone/ type that email/ greet them in store will put them off. Listen to them and what they are asking. Establish where in the buying process they are. Are they a novice { if so, your sales pitch is probably useful } or are they an ‘expert’? A couple is more likely to buy from a vendor who speaks ‘to them’ and not ‘at them’.
4. Don’t sell, help people buy.

This carries on from point 2.

Having established where in the buying process your couple are with some preliminary qualification questions and adjusted your tactics accordingly, now it is important to validate their research by establishing what their requirements are. Ask them what they know about you and your product or service and what they are looking for. This allows you to fill in the blanks and deal with the real reason the prospect is in touch with you.
5. Believe in your prices.

Establish as soon as you can, your prospects perceived value of your product or services. Everyone looks for a discount these days, but not everyone expects to get one from every supplier they deal with. Always articulate the conversation around your prices confidently. If you have no confidence in your prices or packages your prospect certainly won’t and will believe they can do better.

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