Valentine’s Day will signify the end to a concentrated period of people popping the question which began in December, and so the month of February provides the perfect time for some focused marketing to all these newly engaged couples.

First off, remember these newbie brides-and-grooms-to-be are only starting out and probably a little way off booking your particular service, but it’s a great time to get them on your newsletter list, following you on Twitter or liking your on Facebook for future sales!

With this in mind, your February Marketing Drive should have a 3-pronged attack which focuses on sharing the love with:



• Existing Clients
• The Newly Engaged
• Sassy Singles

The reason we’re sharing the love with our existing clients is because everyone knows someone who is engaged or just recently engaged, and you want your name to be foremost in their minds when they meet. By sharing your love with them this February, it will be!

As already mentioned, we want to get those newly engaged couples following you so when the time comes for them to research or book a service, you’re the first (and hopefully only) phone call they make!

You do not want to alienate the sassy singles during February. Valentine’s Day can be a particularly difficult time for single people. Everything is about couples and love – if you are the only one ‘talking’ to this group of people, once someone does pop the question to them, you will be the first they think of!

So what can you do this February/ Valentine’s Day to maximise your exposure to your 3 groups?

1. Devise a social media love message campaign – ideally to start a month before, but anytime is great!

2. Team up with some complimentary suppliers to offer great deals to those who recently got engaged.

3. Get your skates on and reach out to people who are planning on popping the question this  February 14th and ‘help them out’ – remember to get yourself a little media attention, so post fun/helpful things on your Facebook/Twitter to get those followers!

4. Create a Valentine or February-focused competition.

5. Send out little ‘love note’ emails to all your past and current clients and contacts, and include new products or latest deals.

6. Don’t make it all about you and your business – inspire your followers and readers with great tips on romantic gifts, date or proposal suggestions.

7. Cross-promote those people in your network who offer a great Valentine’s Romantic Gift or Service – or something for your sassy singles!

Here’s to booking more brides {and loving them ;)}