The other day I was absolutely shocked!

While sat waiting to meet a colleague a few days ago I overheard a conversation between a Wedding Professional and a potential couple. The Wedding Professional was a Venue Coordinator and doing her best to sell the venue to the couple. With my back to them, and a keen interest in how others ‘sell’ to couples, I casually listened while I glanced through emails.

Most of the conversation was pretty standard, nothing extraordinary or unusual. That was until the Groom asked a question, his first. While going through the packages the Venue Co-ordinator mentioned Canapes were included with the drinks reception; the Groom {innocently} asked what type of canapes, he went on to say ‘like sandwiches?’ … the Venue Coordinator {very bluntly} laughed! Not a polite little laugh but a sarcastic, rude laugh and went on to say, ‘no, something far more high class then that.’ {but didn’t actually answer his question.}

As you can imagine, the conversation didn’t last much longer after that.

Now you might be forgiven for allowing someone one mistake in this consultation, but they then went on to make the mother of all mistakes as the couple stood to leave. The Venue Co-ordinator shuck hands with the bride and said ‘lovely to meet you *Sarah*.’ She then turned to the Groom and extended her hand saying, ‘oh I never actually asked you, your name?’ The Groom,turning away from her said, ‘no you didn’t’ and walked away.

The moral of the story?



Never, ever neglect 50% of the decision making process

because you will most certainly loose 100% of the sale!



Always be sure to ask for both names either before {or definitely} on arrival at the consultation and write them down!

And remember: every question { no matter how odd or trivial it seems to you} is new and important to the person asking it, always respect that!

Here’s to booking more brides!