One of the first questions I often get asked {as a Wedding Planner} is; have you ever planned the wedding of a celebrity, almost as though my knowledge, experience and creativity is somehow quadrupled by their presence in my client portfolio.

Of course, it is not, my exposure surely is, {unless I’ve signed a confidentiality contract}, but my knowledge, experience and creativity will be the same, … but my perceived value and subsequent attraction multiplies 10 fold if I have planned the wedding of a celebrity and maybe even more depending on who that celebrity is.

The relationship between fame and money is something we are all too familiar with, but is it something you can benefit from if you are not the famous one? Yes! That is of course, if you are the one ‘planning’/ ‘executing’/ ‘providing’ to the celebrity wedding.

Why is this?

Well, as I am sure you are aware, people are obsessed with celebrities; what they do, who they are, what they wear, where they eat and what their lifestyles are like.

Through your  previously executed celebrity wedding, by association, they are {in their minds} experiencing the celebrity wedding. Their own status is elevated, {if only in their own minds}, to that close to your celebrity, if only on their wedding day}. Of course this isn’t necessarily a conscious elevation or decision on their part but it plays a large part in their decision to hire you and indeed in their expectation that they will pay for that privilege.

So by being a celebrity {insert your wedding profession here} you can charge more and expect more bookings. And if you {celebrity} client list is ‘worthy’ enough and something you can share, you can charge more and expect even more bookings!

The only snag? Signing that Celebrity Wedding in the first place… any ideas? 😉

Here’s to booking more {celebrity} brides!