I’m often asked by both Wedding Suppliers and Wedding Venues, particular those who are just starting my Book More Brides System, what can help me stand out from other wedding suppliers and venues… what can help me book more brides? {Of course there are a hole host of things to consider but…}

In short: Attention to detail!

At this point in the game, we all know how to do a good job, provide a good service and make sure a couple and their guests enjoy a good day. { If you don’t, please give me a call right now +353 87 919 0722, I can help!} So how can you go from good to great and from great to spectacular?!

Attention to detail.

Take for example a photographer:

They are experienced, talented, know the tricks of the trade, have all the right equipment… but still, there is something missing;

  • Couples love their work but are not booking them.
  • Blogs & Magazines are very interested in their images but never publish.
  • They get many hits to their website but few phone calls or emails.

Whats the problem?

They are not paying attention to the details!

What do I mean by this? Well… a photographer is {largely} based on their end product… their photos and albums {which of course includes their style and talent}, a couple will see their style and talent {or lack thereof} in the photos, what they will possibly also see are the Emergency Exit Signs or Fire Extinguishers or Brand Signage on walls/ umbrellas etc etc that they have left in the photo.

What do you not see in a hugely successful photographers albums? Emergency Exit Signs or Fire Extinguishers or Brand Signage on walls/ umbrellas etc etc. Why? Because the have paid attention to the detail and photoshopped them out, or not included them in the shot  in the first place.

What am I saying to you all?

Really you have to ‘look at the bigger picture’ see every last detail and make sure it is clean/ polished/ removed/ hidden/ fixed/ improved/ replaced as the case may be… the devil really is in the detail when it comes to standing out from others!

Need help with your attention to detail? Give me a call now I can help with this too 🙂


Here’s to booking more brides!