It can happen to any business, for any reason; something is forgotten, neglected, damaged, failed etc. It is not specific to the wedding business.

Things can and do go wrong, before, during and after the delivery of the service/product. ~ its a fact of life and business.

So what do you do, if something does go wrong?

For example, the lead time of the delivery of your service/ product changes {continually}. Communicate!

Communication is key. 

Honest, person to person communication! Do not hide behind a text/ voice-mail or email. Have a face to face meeting, phone call or Skype with your client. Keep them continually updated and in the loop as to what is happening and when it is happening.

If you give them a new date and that too changes get right back on to them with the new details and or reasons why.

If the issue is ongoing, be prepared to offer compensation or an increased product or service.

Good customer service {even when things are going wrong} will always help your business and can still get your recommendations from your client’s, even if their experience hasn’t gone 100% as planned.

  • Constantly communicate with your clients.
  • Be honest with them.
  • Give them a full explanation.
  • Speak to them.
  • Do not {now} deal with the groom if you have always dealt with the bride {because you think he will take the news better}.
  • Keep them constantly updated.
  • Answer their calls and emails immediately {provided you can}.

What happens if you don’t do these things?

  1. They will tell up to three times more people about their bad experience than they ever would about their positive experience. Which leaves your reputation and business tarnished {forever}.
  2. With social media & online forums their {one sided} unsatisfactory experience can and will go viral, from which you may never recover.
  3. You can be sure that your competitors will be capitalizing on your bad fortune/management/ communication, snapping up your new potential business while you put out fires.
  4. You could possibly loose existing clients and contracts!

So remember, when things go wrong, deal with them swiftly, quickly and if they are lengthy make sure your communication is constant and honest!